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Shop for Equestrian and Horse Gifts. Searching for perfect equestrian gifts for the horse birthday party that your son or daughter is going to? Horse Toys Superstore has you covered with our great selection of equine themed gifts and toy horses for everyone. We have such a wide selection of Breyer Horses, Schelich and Collecta Horse Toys and equestrian themed jewelry and books that are perfect for any equine themed party. Our horse toys, board games and puzzles are great fun for any horse birthday party gift or Christmas too. We have Breyer Classic, Stablemates, Traditional size and little horse toys to offer.  Our horse toys are great for kids, boys, girls, preschoolers, toddlers, children, and equestrian gifts for adults too! Any horse you select will delight your horse lovers! Have fun shopping with our awesome collection of toy horses for girls, boys and adults that include popular breeds such as the Appaloosas, Buckskins, Pintos, American Paints, Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, Palominos, Arabians,  American Saddlebreds, Andalusian, Clydesdales, Dartmoor, Shetland, and Highland Ponies, Fjords, Fresians, Gypsy Vanners, Haflingers, Hanoverians, Icelandics, Lippizanner Horses and Stallions, Morgans, Mustangs, Tennessee Walkers and Trakehners. If you are searching for smaller horse models, Collecta, Schleich and Safari Horse Toys are a fantastic way to start a horse collection for the younger ones. We hope you enjoy shopping at our online horse store that has  plastic horses, stuffed plush animal horses and ponies, apparel, backpacks, lunch boxes, stickers, party supplies, t shirts and so much more!

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Breyer Horses Classics Size Horse Stable Cleaning Play Set

Breyer Horses Wooden Corral

Saddle Up Game

Breyer Horses Classics Size 3-Horse Stall Barn

Breyer Horses Classics Size Bay Arabian Model Horse Toy

Cool Horse Stickers Sheet Set

Breyer Horses Classics Size Colorful Foals Model Horse Toys

Wildkin Horses In Pink Lunch Box

Breyer Horses Classics Size Horse Show Grooming Kit

Wildkin Horses In Pink Comfortpack Back Pack
Breyer Horses Classics Size Pony Toy Care Play Set
Product Code: 61048
Breyer Horses Classics Size Pony Toy Care Play Set - This pony toy is in good hands with his human friend! This set comes with everything one needs to take care of their horse. Includes 6" fully clothed articulated doll, bay appaloosa pony, blanket, bucket, brush, spray bottle, tack box, and a soft 'food' bag. Breyer Horses Classics Size Pony Toy Care Play Set is recommended for ages 4 and up. 

Breyer Horses Classics Size Pony Toy Care Play Set

Item#: 61048 | Age: 4+ | Scale: 1:12

Price: $24.99

Status: Item might be back ordered

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