Gypsy Vanners
The Gypsy Horse, also known as the Gypsy Cob, Colored Cob, Gypsy Vanner, Irish Cob, and Tinker Horse (parts of Continental Europe), is an equine breed originally developed by Romanichal peoples native to the British Isles. As recently as 1996, the Gypsy horse had no stud book or breed registry. However, it is now considered a breed with multiple worldwide breed associations dedicated to it. It is a small draft breed, popularly recognized for its abundant leg feathering and common black and white, or piebald, coat color, though it can be of any other color as well. Breeders in the U.K. compliment a good example of the breed, which has powerful muscling, correct leg conformation of a pulling horse, and flashy action, with the term proper cob. Around 1850, the Romanichal of Great Britain began to use a distinct type of horse to pull the vardoes, chimneyed living wagons, in which they had just begun to live and travel. The distinct color and look of the modern breed were refined by the Romanichal in the period following World War II. American breeders began to import Gypsy Vanners and created its first registry in 1996.  Today, the Gypsy Vanner is still bred in the UK by a number of established breeders, most of whom also exhibit and sell their equines at traditional fairs. In the United States, equestrian show competition for Gypsy Vanners is increasing each year, and several Gypsy breed registries have gained affiliate recognition with the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) and United States Dressage Federation.
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Wild Safari Winners Circle Gypsy Vanner Stallion Horse Toy Model
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