Collecta Model Horse Toys

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Collecta Horse Toys are museum quality toy horses and ponies that are hand-painted and very highly-detailed horse toy replicas. We stock every horse model that Collecta has to offer! Collecting model horses is a fun hobby for anyone. Collecta horses are very popular and they are releasing new horse figurines in 2015! All Collecta model animals are beautifully hand-painted to give wonderful role play to children and are also great collectors' items for the horse enthusiast. All Collecta horse models comply completely with relevant safety regulations and are CE tested and approved, and recommended for ages 3 and Up. Currently available in this line of horses and ponies is the CollectA Akhal-Teke mare toys, Andalusian Stallion and mare toys, Arabian mare and stallion toys, Barock Pinto Stallion  toys, Black Appaloosa Stallion toys, Black Darmoor Pony toys, Chestnut Appaloosa toys, Clydesdale foal, mare and stallion toys, Dartmoor pony toys, Fjord foal and stallion toys, Haflinger foals and mare toys, Hanoverian stallion toys, Lipizzaner foals, mares and stallions toys, Lusitano stallion toys, Mustang foal, mare and stallion toys, Przewalski stallion toys, Quarter horse foals, mares and stallions toys, Shetland ponies or Shetland pony toys, Shire mare toys, Tennessee Walking or Walker toys, Thoroughbred foals, mares and stallions toys, horse toy corrals, horse barns. I hope you enjoy our wonderful collection of scale model horses and ponies and have fun shopping for toy horses!