Horse Backpacks and Lunchboxes

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If you are searching for horse stuff for back to school, you can make back to school even more fun with our great selection of horse back packs for kids! We have the perfect sized horse backpack for going back to school. They hold lots of books and all the stuff kids need to be ready for school. All of our horse backpacks are high quality and stand up to everyday use. My daughter used her Wildkin horse backpack for many years which means they are tough horse bags! She also had Wildkins matching horse lunch box which she was very happy about! I can say that she was pretty rough on her horse lunchbox after lunch; they all would toss their horse lunch boxes by their classroom door after lunch everyday so that they could get out to the play yard faster for lunch recess! It was tough treatment for that lunch bag but it stood up in great shape for about 3 years! I would highly recommend Wilkins horse lunch bags if your little one is tough on things, they really last! Horse boxes are fun for boys and girls at lunch time. Especially the first week of school when all the kids are checking out each others lunch boxes at the lunch table! I was lunch and yard duty at Reed Elementary School for many years, and there were a group of what I called my horse girls because they all sat together every day for lunch and would whinney to each other! Very cute horse kids to be surrounded with, and I feel very blessed to have had such a wonderful experience!

Wildken also makes a matching horse sleeping bags and horse luggage which is a cute tote that works great for short trips that they can carry their horse toys in and still fit a pair of PJs and extra clothes too.

I hope you enjoy shopping through this fun department full of everything horses for boys and girls!