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We have four different Fjord horse figurines all made by Collecta Icon horses that are hand-painted collectible horses and foals made from a durable solid material that are great to play with and collect. Created in the same scale as Schleich and Wild Safari Winners Circle Horses, each model features realistic details to represent each individual breed and are perfect for collectors of all ages. We also have a horse coloring book that features Fjord horses to color!

The CollectA Fjord Foal Brown Dun Horse figurine product code 88592 is darling little foal running in the wind with her tail floating through the air. She measures 3.5 inches in length and is 2.8 inches tall.

The Collecta Fjord Stallion Brown Dun Horse figurine product code 88591 is proudly standing watch with his long forelock split between his right eye. This noble stallion measures 4.1 inches in length and proudly stands 4.3 inches tall.

The CollectA Icon Grey Fjord Foal Horse Toy Model product code 88633 is a very cute little foal that has a darker grey muzzle and eyes that is running in the wind. This cute foal measures 3.5 inches in length and is 2.8 inches tall.

The CollectA Grey Fjord Stallion Horse figurine product code 88632 is a proud stallion with a dark grey muzzle and eyes with his long forelock across the left side of his face. The Fjord Grey Stallion measures 4.1 inches in length and stands 4.3 inches tall.

All of these nicely detailed horses are durable enough to play with and make wonderful birthday presents, Christmas stocking stuffers and even great cake toppers! We've even shipped hundreds of them for a wedding in Brazil set on every guest’s place setting!

Dover Ponies of the World Coloring Book product code 0486405648 features Forty-two handsome, ready-to color portraits of the world's smallest breeds of horses, including the American Shetland, Welsh mountain pony, a Sable Island mare with her foal, as well as a Chincoteague, Camargue, Fjord, Highland, Palomino, and other ponies. Subjects are engagingly portrayed with young and adult riders, and in other typical settings. So if your little one loves to color horses and loves Fjords, this is the horse book for you! Dover’s recommended ages for this pony book is 9-12.