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This Breyer Reeves International Classics Size Haflinger Horse Toy Model product code 938 is 1:12 scale model and is authentically crafted and hand painted. Her mane and forelock are flowing and she has four white socks. The tip of her tail is white and she is a beautiful golden palomino mare. Manufacture recommends ages 4 and older.

Collecta Icon horses offers five different Haflingers horse figurines to choose from!

The CollectA Haflinger Foal Grazing Horse Toy Model product code 88311 is a little palomino foal figurine that has four white socks and tail. She is peacefully grazing.
The CollectA Haflinger Foal Looking Back Horse Toy Model product code 88312 is a little foal in a very unique pose for a horse figurine. She has four white socks and the tip of her tail is white. Textured fur makes her look so real. This little foal would make a fantastic addition to any model horse collection! This Haflinger foal figurine measures 2.4 inches in length and stands 2.8 inches tall.

CollectA Haflinger Foal Standing Horse Toy Model product code 88516 is just a few days old and has realistic hand painted details. Her ears are perked up and she is standing alert taking in the new world! She measures 2.8 inches in length and stands 3 inches tall.
The CollectA Icon Haflinger Foal Walking Horse Toy Model product code 88517 is captured in a fast pace walking position and she has a little white tip at the end of her tail. The Haflinger Foal figure measures 3.1 inches length and stands 3 inches tall.

CollectA Haflinger Mare Horse Toy Model product code 88519 is a beautiful palomino mare with four white socks and she is a very fit horse with great details of her muscles. Her forelock is flipped to the left side of her face and her head is turned a little to the left. The Haflinger mare horse figurine measures 5.5 inches length and 3.3 inches tall.

Wild Safari Winners Circle Haflinger Mare Horse Toy Model product code 159405 measures 4.5 inches in length and stands 3.25 inches tall. She has a super thick white mane and tail that this breed is well known for. She has well groomed feathers and her glossy palomino coat is beautiful! All Wild Safari Ltd. Horses are hand painted, phthalate-free and thoroughly safety tested. Recommended ages for this horse figurine is 3 and older.

Schleich horses has two Haflinger models to offer that are hand painted and have excellent details. The Schleich Haflinger Mare Horse Figurine Model product code 13742 has her beautiful white mane braided and her palomino coloring is richly gorgeous! This is an unusual horse figurine that would make a wonderful addition to any horse lovers collection! Schleichs Haflinger mare measures 1.2 in length x 5.6 in width x 3.2 tall.

The Schleich Haflinger Foal Toy Model product code 13699 is golden chestnut colored and is stretching her neck to get a better view in the pasture. A very cute pose of a horse figurine to add to your model horse collection. She measures 1 in length x 3.4 in width and stands 2.6 inches tall.