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Breyer Reeves International Stablemates Hanoverian Bay Horse Model number 5609 measures approximately 4 inches in length and 3 inches tall. This horse is scaled at 1:32 size and is recommended for ages 4. Breyer stablemates are very collectable little plastic horses that are also very fun to collect. 

All of Breyer Stablemates horses fit perfectly with Breyer Stablemates Riding Academy Horse Barn 59202, Breyer Stablemates Horse Crazy Pocket Barn 5370 and Breyer Stablemates Horspital 5413. The Breyer Horspital set comes with a mare and her foal, a foal blanket, fencing, water trough, hay bale, bucket and bandage box. Can you imagine all the horse fun your little one can have with these cute horses!

CollectA Icon horse models offers two Hanoverian Stallions that measure 5.7 inches length and 4.7 inches tall. The Collecta Bay Stallion Horse Toy Model product code 88431 and Collecta Chestnut Stallion product code 88432 with CollectA Horse Stable Playset and Accessories.

Product Code: 89333 and Collecta feeding trough product code 88171 and you have a perfect educational equestrian gift for your little horse lover that will provide hours and hours of imaginative horse play! What more could a girl who loves horses want? The best thing about Collecta horses is if she wants to start her very own model horse collection, Collecta offers 59 different horse figurines!

Schleich horse figures offers three different Hanoverian horse models to choose from that are all hand painted and have fantastic detail. The Schleich Hanoverian Foal model product Code 13730 measures 1.2 in length x 3.4 in width x 3.2 in height and has four white socks. The Schleich Hanoverian Mare Horse Toy model product code 13729 measures 1.2 in length x 5.6 in width x 4.2 in height and she has a braided mane and a long well-kept tail. The Schleich Hanoverian Stallion Horse Toy model product code 13649 measures 1.6 in length x 5.4 inches in width x 4.2 in height and has four long white socks is very sturdy, good heavy quality toy that can take a lot of rough horsing around play.

If your little one would like to start their very own collection of horses Schleich offers 60 different horses in their horse line and they are very close to Collecta horses that has 59 horses and ponies to choose from as well as Wild Safari Winners Circle Horses which offers 31 different horse figurines. All of these can be intermixed with each other to make a really nice model horse collection. All of these toy horses are recommended for age 4 years old.